Support Call To Investigate Trump’s Hidden Financial Dealings

  • Week of November 20, 2016

Donald Trump never released his tax returns. His business dealings, including with foreign regimes, remain a mystery. Thankfully, Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings has asked the House Oversight Committee to “immediately begin conducting a review of President-elect Donald Trump’s financial arrangements” [because] “Mr. Trump’s unprecedented secrecy and his extensive business dealings in foreign countries raise serious questions about how he intends to avoid conflicts of interest as president.” Amen. 

Congressman Cummings needs us. The committee is considering his request THIS WEEK.  Trump's secrecy is bizarre and seemingly corrupt. Don’t forget that this is still America and we don’t need to have blind trust in Trump’s purported “blind trust”. You fired up?
All-of-us must:

Call Congressman Jason Chaffetz, the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee. Try either of these numbers: 202.225.5051 or 801.851.2500 (direct). You can also leave a message. The 202-225-5051 number is taking a tally as of 1:36PST on 11/21. If you are feeling up to it (and the stakes are high) please call other members of the committee. Start with the Republicans and leave messages.

Sample Script: "Hello, I am a constituent calling to let the House Oversight Committee know that I support the request for a review of Donald Trump's potential conflicts of interest. Donald Trump never released his tax returns and I am very worried about his potential conflicts, including ties with foreign governments. I urge Chairman Chaffetz to investigate Trump’s financial dealings, they could post a threat to our national security."