Ask Your District Attorney to Oppose Jeff Sessions’ Criminal Injustice

  • Week of May 21, 2017

While all eyes were glued to Trump and Russia, the resistance had a major win in Philly this week! On Tuesday, civil-rights lawyer Larry Krasner, who was the most progressive candidate for District Attorney there, won the election. Krasner, who defends activists and sues law enforcement, wants to “end mass incarceration” and is now one of the most powerful local prosecutors in the country.

Krasner’s positions stand in stark contrast to those of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. This week, Sessions (who should be resigning or hiding) instructed federal prosecutors to take the most aggressive approach possible against federal criminal defendants, including low-level drug offenders. Senator Kamala Harris correctly pointed out that the Sessions’ memo had effectively “declare[d] the reviving of the war on drugs”. Speaking at the Center for American Progress’ Ideas Conference in Washington, D.C., Senator Harris said, "I saw the War on Drugs up close, and, let me tell you, [it] was an abject failure."

All-of-us must stop Sessions from implementing his racist policies. One of the most powerful tools is our own District Attorneys, who have immense power in how criminal justice is enforced at the local level. Krasner’s win was not a one-off. It is part of a growing trend of progressive DA candidates winning elections over pro mass incarceration prosecutors.

The ACLU understands this, that’s why they piloted a campaign where ex-convicts canvassed on Krasner’s behalf (a pretty awesome strategy). As this article explains, the ACLU will continue to focus on DAs as a strategy to fight Jeff Sessions. And so must all-of-us.

Here’s how:

  1. Find your DA is by looking here or searching online.
  2. Call your DA to confirm what their position is on Sessions’ war on drugs. Share what you learn here and we will update our new platform with this information. Use this script.
  3. Sign this ACLU petition.
  4. If you live in California, call Kamala Harris and thank her for her leadership.