Host or Attend a “Call Your Ossoff” Party to Defeat Climate-Change Denying Handel

  • Week of June 4, 2017

The survival of our only home depends on keeping Georgia on our minds--the Sixth District’s runoff election is on June 20th. Republican Karen Handel cheered when Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement and said that it “presents an opportunity to do the right thing in the right way.” That is both far right and far wrong.

Now let’s compare that to a far better leader--and one who accepts science. Democrat candidate Jon Ossoff’s response correctly concluded that “If we walk away from our #ParisAgreement commitments to reduce carbon emissions & help fight climate change, history will condemn us for it.”

To protect our planet from burning up, we need to turn up the heat and support Ossoff. Thanks to Swing Left’s leadership, we are joining forces with Daily Kos, Flippable,, and Progressive Change Campaign (PCCC) to launch a series of Special Election House Parties. If you’ve never done anything like this, don’t worry. Swing Left organizers will hook you up with resources and coordination calls where you can ask questions. All-of-us must party for our party.

Here’s how:

  1. Sign up to host or attend a “Call Your Ossoff” party here.
  2. Support the final stretch of this race by donating to Ossoff’s campaign here.