Put 45 Ways to Resist Trump on Your Summer Reading List

  • Week of June 17, 2017
A majority of Americans have been shocked, dismayed, and disgusted—for good reason—by Trump’s actions since he took office. But we aren’t taking it lying down. Across the United States, the Resistance is growing, as many thousands of patriotic Americans lead the charge against the corrupt and traitorous Trump regime—and the Republican Party that is enabling him.
— Markos Moulitsas

For 15 years, Markos Moulitsas, the founder of the Daily Kos, the largest progressive online community, has, figuratively, “written the book” on how progressives can fight back. Now, he’s literally written the book on how all-of-us can fight Trump: The Resistance Handbook: 45 Ways to Resist Trump, out this week. It’s insightful, funny, and chock full of knowledge, resources, and practical advice on how to build, restore, and supercharge our democracy.

What are Kos’ recommendations on how to stay locked in? We’ll give you a preview:

“The key is to make activism—and specifically, actions—a part of your lifestyle. Schedule them into your routine as you would shopping, eating, and breathing. Join organizations, like Wall of Us, that feed you a steady diet of new actions to take. Let this become the new normal; do not let your activism become a Trump-induced anomaly. So find a pace that is sustainable but constant. This will be a lifelong fight.”

All-of-us need a little Kos in our lives now and then to get us fired up for the battles ahead. So check out 45 Ways to Resist Trump online or at an independent book store near you starting June 20.