Get the Phones Ringing Again for Healthcare

  • Week of June 17, 2017

As we told you last week, sneaky Republicans plan to vote on a health care bill that they are keeping squirreled away from the public, one that reportedly will take away pre-existing condition protections for millions of Americans. Word on the street is that calls to the Senate regarding the ACA and the AHCA have dwindled to normal call levels after the unprecedented deluge of calls around Trump’s inauguration.

We know it is summer. It's easy to get distracted by mint juleps and balmy nights. But it’s time to kick it up into high gear again and pick up the phone. Every single senator has a legislative assistant dedicated to healthcare. Let’s make sure they hear from all-of-us this week and every week until we know our healthcare is secure.

Call your Senators' offices. Use this list of aides compiled by our friends at Indivisible.