Fight Trump’s Scheme to Prevent Our March on Washington

  • Week of December 11, 2016

Good news: Trump is afraid of us. How do we know? His team is trying to stop the Women's March on Washington.

A few days ago The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund uncovered that Trump's private Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) is hogging National Park Service permits for key sites in DC for weeks before and after the inauguration. 

The permits, issued by the National Park Service, reserve large swaths of land including the National Mall, Pennsylvania Avenue, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial. While it is normal for inaugural committees to file for permits in advance, it is not normal - as the attorneys for the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund have explained - for the committee to continue to hold onto all of their permits. It seems that Trump's committee is just letting the clock run out on our First Amendment rights as they claim they are “still figuring out” “which pieces of land it will use”.

The committee is comprised of Trump’s billionaire and millionaire buddies. It is chaired by Tom Barrack, Jr. who appeared on CNN after the election and promised a kinder Trump. “...What wall is he going to build, he's going to build a wall of understanding. Right? This is America, you can't be a dictator.”

Prove it Tom. Let the first brick in Trump’s “wall of understanding” be the inaugural committee’s release of permits to so that we can exercise our First Amendment right to march on our public land. We agree that this is America and dictators can’t quash protest. 

All-of-us must:

1. Use this template to send a letter to Sally Jewell, Secretary of the Interior.

2. Tweet to:    
Inauguration Committee Chair @TomBarrackJr
Inauguration Committee @TrumpInaugural
Inauguration Committee Deputy Director @alexstroman
Use these hashtags: #wallofus #permithogs #trampyourfeetagainsttrump