Build the Wall-of-Us

  • Week of July 9, 2017

Remember those chain letters from the 90s, the ones that threatened a lifetime of bad luck if you didn’t forward on to X number of friends, the ones that despite your better judgment you felt a little weird about tossing? The good news is this isn’t a chain letter. The bad news is that if we don’t continue to grow this movement, our country will continue to be plagued by the bad luck (and bad policies) emanating from the bad men in the White House and Congress.

So, let’s not break the chain; let’s grow it into a massive, strong and resilient wall all across this country. Let’s bring in more of our friends to help lighten the load and realize the joy of acting together as progressive patriots.

How? Share Wall-of-Us with 5 friends this week. Ask them to sign up and send it to 5 of their friends.