Save Net Neutrality and Keep our Internet Free

  • Week of July 16, 2017
Imagine if the phone company could mess with your calls — through bad connections or frequent dropped calls — when you tried to order pizza from Domino's, because Pizza Hut is paying them.

We can now add internet freedom to the list of freedoms that the The Trump administration wants to take away from all-of-us. Net neutrality -- the “first amendment of the internet” -- is a commitment from internet service providers to not prioritize content, websites, applications, and products from companies they do business with. FCC Chairman Pai and the Trump administration want to delete open internet and reward tech oligarchies by allowing cable and network companies to control and filter your content for their profit. Without net neutrality, small businesses, platforms owned by people of color and marginalized communities, and open forums would be silenced by those who oppose what they have to say. Ending on July 17th, the FCC has opened a public forum for comments to consider before implementing the repeal.

All-of-us must come together to keep our internet free, defend transparency, and save net neutrality.

Here’s how:

  1. Read more about net neutrality and find out what the FCC rules mean for communities of color.
  2. Write a public comment to the FCC explaining why net neutrality matters to you by July 17th. Click the “+Express” option and use your voice.
  3. Watch John Oliver and Bernie Sanders speak on the importance of net neutrality here.