Gear Up to Fight Against the House GOP Budget

  • Week of July 21, 2017

The House GOP unveiled its budget this week and it is just as ugly as Trump’s budget released last May--it steals from the working class and poor to give massive tax cuts to the rich. Specifically, the House GOP budget proposes to freeze pell grants to college students, take funding from people with disabilities, and eliminate funding for environmental clean-up of toxic waste sites. It isn’t time to call your Representatives just yet, but we can’t kick back either. We need to start preparing to resist this budget now.

Here’s how:

  1. Study up on what Trump’s budget does to your state or district, prepared by our friends at the Center for American Progress.
  1. Help the Center for American Progress fight this budget by sharing your personal story about how the budget would impact you or your family.
  2. Share the Center for American Progress’ Hands Off Campaign on social media.