Stop the Repeal of The Affordable Care Act

  • Week of December 11, 2016

Nothing seems to bother Republicans more than Americans being able to get medical care.

Trump and Co. are already making good on their promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act through a budget reconciliation process which requires only a simple majority in the Senate and cannot be filibustered. According to a recent study, almost 30 million Americans would lose their coverage, 82 percent of whom are in working families.

The GOP’s plan would also go after Medicare and Medicaid. Trump repeatedly promised Americans he was different from other Republicans and that he was “not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid”. Democratic senators recently called him out on the fact that he has removed that promise from his website. He has also nominated Tom Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services. Price wants to repeal the ACA, drastically reduce Medicare and Medicaid, and take away women’s reproductive rights, including the elimination of contraception funding.

America cannot afford Price's repeal of the ACA. Healthcare advocates including Families USA, Doctors for America, Community Catalyst, and Clinician Action agree and have designated this week as the “Week of Action”. Let’s join them.

All-of-us must:

1. Join the Twitter #ProtectOurCare Thunderclap by signing up here. A Thunderclap is a tool that lets a message be heard when you and your friends say it at the same time. 

2. Contact your Senators, to oppose a “Repeal without Replace” plan. We need to make sure that our representatives understand the implications of the proposal to repeal the ACA without a replacement plan.

3. Use your networks and social media to spread the word about open enrollment and help patients apply for coverage by December 15th.

4. Sign Families USA’s petition.