Stand With Our Immigrant Neighbors

  • Week of July 30, 2017

We teach our school children that America offers a dream to all-of-us who work hard, which makes the GOP’s current campaign against immigrants even more of a nightmare. Last month the House passed the No Sanctuary For Criminals Act and Kate's Law. The No Sanctuary for Criminals Act forces communities to devote local resources to enforce federal immigration law and penalizes them if they don’t comply. [insert unconstitutional argument here]. Kate’s Law increases penalties on immigrants for reentry.

Both bills have passed the House and are moving quickly (and under the radar) through the Senate. All-of-us remind our senators that immigrants make America great and convince them to oppose these bills.

Here’s how:

  1. Read Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chairman Michelle Grishman’s urgent plea for “immigrants and allies to immediately call their senators”.

  2. Call your senators and use the script below

  3. Watch The Dream is Now documentary. (30 mins)

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