Stay Vigilant on Healthcare

  • Week of August 6, 2017

The healthcare repeal failed, but it ain’t over yet.

Angry at Republicans, and determined to gut protections for Americans, Trump is threatening to dismantle healthcare. Attempting to make good on his repeated promise to “let (the ACA) implode," Trump is raising barriers to enrollment and canceling payments that help lower deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs. Who will pay the price? Everyday people trying to afford health coverage. Trump’s latest scam will mean people will have to pay another 19 percent or more for their coverage - a so-called Trump Premium Tax.

We must keep fighting for healthcare that works for all-of-us.

Here’s how:

  1. Watch this video from Senate Democrats #TrumpPremiumTax
  2. Join a “Save My Care” event near you
  3. Hold your senators accountable for their TrumpCare votes and let them know what you think of Trump’s continued efforts to sabotage healthcare.