Convince Congress and the Electoral College to Protect Our Democracy from Foreign Interference

  • Week of December 11, 2016

Congress of course has a duty to protect our constitutional democracy from foreign influence and potential treason, and we need to compel them to take swift action. But this week's discovery that Russia hacked our election also means that each Elector must exercise his or her clear duty to protect our highest office from Russia's influence. Some Electors understand that duty and are requesting a security briefing before December 19th.

You may be thinking this is crazy. And you’re right: The CIA has confirmed that Russia hacked this election process. Trump's relationship with Russia remains mysteriously cozy. As a result, the current and future Executive Producer of Celebrity Apprentice could become our president. Let that sink in for a moment. 

Crazy times call for crazy measures. Are we gonna let the [Trump] elevator bring us even further down? Oh, no let's go! Let's go crazy!

All-of-us must:

1. Call our Senators and Representatives (especially the Republican leadership) to push for an immediate and thorough investigation of Russian interference in the U.S. election.

The Republicans below include those leading the call for an investigation. The information is changing rapidly. Focus your time on the Republicans who are not, especially those on the Foreign Relations Committee and the U.S. Select Senate Committee on Intelligence. After all, Congress has demonstrated its commitment to protecting the American people by launching excruciatingly thorough investigations of presidential candidates in very recent history...

  • Sen. John McCain, AZ: 202.224.2235
  • Sen. Lindsey Graham, SC: 202.224.5972
  • Rep. Peter T. King, NY: 202.225.7896
  • Rep. Devin Nunes, CA: 202.225.2523
  • Rep. Michael McCaul, TX: 202.225.2401

Sample script: "I’m calling to express my support for an immediate and full investigation into U.S. election tampering by a foreign entity. Mr. Trump's refusal to accept the conclusion of our security experts raises concerns of potential treason and colluding with Russia to influence and undermine our democracy.

*This is moving quickly. Here are some some additional talking points and resources.

2. Write to electors (today). We have information that it is may be more effective to write than email. Here is a handy tool with printable address labels and letters.

3. Tweet/call/email red state Electors directly by using this tool.

4. Ask these Electors to sign this letter, in which Electors request a security briefing prior to the Electoral College vote. They can add their signature by emailing 

5. Make sure these Electors know about The Electors Trust, which provides free and strictly confidential legal consultation by some incredible attorneys. Superhero lawyers to the rescue!

6. Spread the word about the Hamilton Electors and RSVP to attend the Electoral College vote in your State. Or, go here to find your local protests

7. Sign this petition to the Electoral College and this petition to President Obama requesting a public statement on the Russian interference.