Be Grateful That Trump’s Blindness Has Opened Our Eyes to the Hate We Must Battle

  • Week of August 27, 2017
“Thank you, Mr. Trump for your implicit disavowal of our mixed race family. We were welcomed in Charlottesville as we were welcomed in South Africa, with acceptance of brown and white skinned marriage and interest only in our family’s well-being. Your disavowal has afforded our children the ultimate teachable moment. As we stood with our children at the silent vigil at Health Heyer’s murder site, a neighbor affixed four brightly colored letters beneath the battered stop sign of 4th and Waters streets. The sign read, “STOP HATE.” We have explained to our children the difference between respect for the offices of public officials and criticism of the actions of the office holder.”
— Tania Thomas and Scott Heysell | Charlottesville, Virginia

Those of us who are the victims of hate every day don’t have the luxury of forgetting it exists. But many of us choose to deny or minimize racism because, as Charlottesville demonstrated, it’s painful to face hate. Last week we urged all-of-us to remain vigilant. In that spirit this week we are sharing a powerful message, written by a mixed race couple in Charlottesville. This couple is thanking Trump for exposing the hate that we must battle. While it is excruciating, perhaps impossible, to thank Trump for anything, they are right that Trump unmasked, and forced us to discuss, the ugly hate that we are up against.

Here's how:

  1. Read their words here and #staywoke.
  2. Join or support the March to Confront White Supremacy on August 28-September 6th.