Focus on Flipping the Special Elections in November

  • Week of September 17, 2017

Special elections got the GOP like


Election results, even in deeply conservative states like Missouri and Oklahoma, are looking strong for Democrats -- early evidence that the Democratic base is motivated to turn up to vote and positive harbingers ahead of next year’s midterms. Democrats are plucking off seats long held by Republican and in areas that went for Trump in the presidential election. That’s making Republicans nervous. And we like it.

Next up, Republicans are defending open state Senate seats in Washington and Florida between now and November, both in districts Clinton carried. And there are a slew of state delegate seats up for grabs in Virginia. All-of-us must make sure the GOP gets the boot.

Here’s how:

  1. Study the deets on how to flip these seats, from our friends at Flippable:
    • WASHINGTON: This district, just outside of Seattle on the east side of Lake Washington, is especially fraught for the GOP: Republicans have a one-seat majority in the Washington State Senate. Democrats can flip that seat in a special election this fall — and give us control of the entire West Coast. If Democrats recapture the seat, the party will regain control of the state Senate. Go to Flippable to see how you can help in Washington.
    • VIRGINIA: Virginia is the first "flippable" state. All 100 seats in the VA House of Delegates will be up for election this November. Go to Flippable to see how you can pitch in.
    • FLORIDA: We all know how crucial a role the Sunshine State plays in presidential elections. Both chambers of its state legislature, Florida is still dominated by Republicans. Flipping purple Florida will be a bit more tricky because the GOP domination is largely the result of unfair redistricting that works to their benefit. Gerrymandering has given Florida’s GOP as many as 3 extra seats in Congress, as well as a built-in advantage in all state legislative races. Go to Flippable to see how you can pitch in.