Develop a Town Hall Strategy

  • Week of December 18, 2016

We'll say this much for Republicans: they know how to disrupt a presidency.

Now, as Dahlia Lithwick and David S. Cohen argued in their recent The New York Times op-ed, it's time for us to “buck up and fight like Republicans.”

How? Let's take a page from the Tea Party handbook and sustain a fight that is strategic, sustained, and local.

Here's how:

1. Read this guide. Yep, we are asking you to study - it will be worth it. The guide was prepared by former congressional staffers and reveals the tactics that strengthened the Tea Party. We will be using these strategies in our actions.

2. Pay particular attention to pages 10-13 (regarding forming local action groups) and 15-17 (regarding public town hall events).

3. Call your senators and representatives and find out when their next “town hall” or public events are and how they are scheduled. If the person answering doesn't know, ask to be added to the email list so you get notified.

4. If you are not a member of a local action group begin to think about a group 10 or so people you could assemble. More on that soon. If you prefer to fly solo, that is fine too.