Submit Public Testimony for Monday’s Hearing

  • Week of September 23, 2017

The senate finance committee has asked for comments on on Graham Cassidy by 10am PST and 1pm EST on Monday, September 25th. All-of-us must share our personal stories about how devastating this bill would be.

Here’s how:

  1. Email by 1pm Monday

    Here is a suggested script from our friend Jen @ Jen Hoffman’s weekly checklist, but feel free to use your own.

    Script: I/my family rely/relies on quality, affordable healthcare. Because of this, I oppose the Graham-Cassidy bill. My story with [Medicaid, pre-existing conditions, disabilities, affordability, etc.] is… I would like to see a bipartisan Congressional effort to improve the ACA, not repeal it.

    Sincerely, [name]
    [town, state]