Stop Hateful Immigration Policy by Electing More Immigrants - Support Kathy Tran

  • Week of September 23, 2017

We can do all the dialing and marching our hands and feet can handle,but wouldn’t it be easier if our elected officials supported progressive causes in the first place? Trump’s immigration policies (from the ban to the wall to DACA) have been a cancer to America. One sure cure for that hate is to elect more immigrants or children of immigrants (especially women) into office. That’s why this week we are backing our friends at Sister District and focusing on Kathy Tran, running for the Virginia House of Delegates. Here’s a message from her website:

“Kathy Tran and her parents fled Vietnam as boat refugees when she was just seven months old. On the voyage, she grew so sick she almost died at sea. Although many other countries offered them asylum, they waited 13 months for the United States to accept their application. Kathy's family risked everything to come to America because this country has always represented hope, opportunity and freedom. Now, she's running for the Virginia House of Delegates to fight for the American values that brought her family here.”

Kathy Tran has spent the bulk of her career working to improve the lives of immigrants and working families. She is running to replace an outgoing Republican in a state house that will play a critical role in voting rights and gerrymandering. This state election is an important one and will have national implications.

All-of-us must ensure Kathy Tran’s victory.

Here’s how: