Stop Trump from Sabotaging the Affordable Care Act

  • Week of October 8, 2017

They huffed, and they puffed (three times), and the GOP just couldn’t repeal the ACA. So now the big bad Trump Administration is trying to sabotage the ACA by preventing Americans from signing up for it. The Washington Post described some of the Administration’s shady tactics:

And with the fifth enrollment season set to begin Nov. 1, advocates say the Health and Human Services Department has done more to suppress the number of people signing up than to boost it. HHS has slashed grants to groups that help consumers get insurance coverage, for example. It also has cut the enrollment period in half, reduced the advertising budget by 90 percent and announced an outage schedule that would make the website less available than last year.

The ACA’s open enrollment period begins on November 1st. All-of-us must make sure that the open enrollment period is open knowledge to those who need healthcare!

Here’s how:

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