Preserve Thyself, Preserve Thy Country

  • Week of October 22, 2017
Caring for myself is not self indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.
- Audre Lorde

Now that our eyes and ears are open, it is hard not to take every day at full sprint, diving into the news and engaging heart and mind with every upsetting event. At this frenetic pace, our stamina for resistance and empathy will weaken, and falter.

We’ve said it from the start line, this is a marathon, not a sprint. To reach our goal, we need to preserve and replenish our energy. You know those marathon aid stations with glorious piles of Red Vines, PB&Js and shot glasses of Gatorade? Working bodies need replenishment. And so do our minds and souls.

So, take time every day to preserve thyself so that you may continue the hard work of preserving thy country. This is Action 1 for a reason this week. Allow yourself to stop here if you need to recharge because all-of-us need to get to the finish line.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Take a walk in a beautiful place.
  2. If you are looking for something to listen to, check out this podcast from On Being, “Buoyancy Rather Than Burnout in Our Lives.” (50 minutes)
  3. Read this Medium post written by lawyer and activist Mirah Curzer, “How to stay outraged without losing your mind.” (10 minutes)