Take Trump’s Hands off of Birth Control

  • Week of October 22, 2017
“Denying access to contraception is denying women access to health care.” Representative Judy Chu

The Donald sure likes to put his hands on things, and lately it’s our family planning and reproductive rights. On October 6th he penned another anti-woman Executive Order, allowing employers and insurers to take away coverage for birth control. Our allies at the National Women’s Law Center broke down what these new rules allow:

  • Allow any employer to deny its employees contraceptive coverage based on religious objections. They also allow universities to deny this coverage to their students.

  • Allow some employers and universities to deny its employees and students contraceptive coverage based on moral objections.

  • Allow insurance companies that object to covering birth control to refuse to cover it, leaving employers that are required to include it in employee insurance scrambling to find a new plan.

  • Allow any individual to request from their employer an insurance plan that excludes coverage of birth control. The employer is not obligated to provide such coverage.

Thankfully, The Democratic Women’s Working Group (DWWG), comprised of all of the Democratic women in the House of Representatives, are totally on it. On October 19th, four women House Democrats (Diana DeGette D-CO, Louise Slaughter D-NY, Judy Chu D-CA, Lois Frankel D-FL) introduced the Protect Access to Birth Control Act, which would override Trump’s Executive Order and require employers to continue to provide access to birth control.  

All-of-us must prevent Trump’s latest attack on women’s rights and support the Protect Access to Birth Control Act.

Here’s how:

  1. Call your Representative and ask her/him to support the Protect Access to Birth Control Act.
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