Fight Trump’s Tax Scam

  • Week of October 22, 2017

In Trump’s reverse Robinhood tax scam, he hopes to steal from the poor to give even more to the rich. Last week, Republicans passed a budget resolution in the House and the Senate, which no Democrats voted for. This now means that, just like with Healthcare, the GOP only needs 51 votes to pass the Trump Tax plan. Our friends at Indivisible tell us what the GOP must do to pass the Tax plan in the next few weeks:

  • Come up with a “conference report,” the compromise version of the different resolutions (expected week of 10/23)
  • Vote on the conference report in both the House and Senate (expected week of 10/30)
  • Finalize the text of the Trump Tax Scam (expected week of 11/6)
  • Pass it through both the House (sometime before Thanksgiving) and the Senate (sometime after Thanksgiving but before the New Year)

Don’t let the 51 number scare you--we’ve divided the GOP before, and we can do it again.

Here’s how:

  1. Read about how Trump’s tax scam is a windfall for the rich here and here.
  2. Calculate how Trump’s tax plan affects your state here.
  3. Use this Indivisible Toolkit to contact your Members of Congress.
  4. Join the Not One Penny movement and use their resources here (scroll down) to contact your Members of Congress.