Send Love to Virginia and Ensure a November 7th Victory

  • Week of October 29, 2017

As the license plate says, “Virginia is for Lovers,” we have to keep driving the love to Virginia to ensure a victory this November 7th. In case you missed it last week, this article by Paul Krugman details how the Virginia state election is a crucial early test that many will be watching in preparation for 2018 elections.

We have been focusing on women candidates in Virginia for several weeks, and this final week we’d like to shine our spotlight on Elizabeth Guzman, the Democratic candidate for Virginia House District 31 and the first Hispanic female representative in the Virginia House of Delegates.

All-of-us must support candidates like Elizabeth Guzman who will stand up for our progressive values.

Here’s how:

1. Watch this video to learn more about Elizabeth Guzman.

2. Learn more from our friends at Flippable who are supporting this key race.

3. Donate to Elizabeth Guzman here.

4. Use Mobilize America’s tools to volunteer to knock on doors, call or text from home to support VA races here.