Celebrate the Wall-of-Us That We Have Built Since 11/8/16!

  • Week of November 5, 2017

This Wednesday, 11/8, is the one-year anniversary of the 2016 election. Trump promised a wall, and he sure is getting one. We have built a big, strong, and beautiful Wall-of-Us that has stopped so many of Trump’s cruel policies, from immigration to healthcare. As a tribute to what we have built together, we created a page called “Brick-by-Brick”. All-of-us must take time this week to celebrate the successes we have had.

We launched Wall-of-Us just a few days after the election, and we were not alone.

In the past year, hundreds of new and established progressive groups have linked arms and inspired millions of Americans (and many first time activists) to take action. And we’ve got more building to do in preparation for 2018!  That’s why we started ActLocal, where we are working with our progressive allies across the U.S. to bring together 50+ organizations for in-person meetings this month - local heroes building local power.

So check out Brick-by-Brick, take a moment for a "high-five" and then let's get back to building.