action 4: Remember #WhyTheHouse with Swing Left

  • Week of November 12, 2017

Today, our friends at Swing Left launched their first original video, and we dig it. It imagines a future where Democrats have regained control of the House and reminds us what’s at stake. All-of-us must imagine this future and work to make it a reality. #WhyTheHouse?

Here’s how:

1 Watch this video.

2 Retweet this. Use the hashtag #WhyTheHouse, plus a reason why taking back the House for Democrats is important to you. Sample: #WhyTheHouse? So we can put a powerful check on the Trump & GOP agenda. @SwingLeft

3 Share this Facebook post. Feel free to include #WhyTheHouse and a reason why flipping the House is important to you.

4 Or regram this post on Instagram. In your caption, include #WhyTheHouse and a reason why retaking the House is important to you.