Act Local!

  • Week of November 19, 2017

Yesterday Wall-of-Us participated in an initiative we co-founded, ActLocal -- and we are so fired up for 2018! ActLocal2017 brought together 1500+ local activist leaders in 15 cities around the country to build collaborations across the progressive movement. ActLocal was developed in partnership between Wall-of-Us and the Action Group Network, supported by a wide-ranging coalition of established and new progressive organizations including Daily Kos, Center for American Progress, Assemble, Action Together Network, Together We Will, The People’s Supper, OFA, RISE Stronger and 50+ more. The key takeaway? We’ve got power. When they go low, all-of-us must go local!

Here’s how:

1 Listen to this video that Robert Reich made for ActLocal for some inspiration.

2 Check out ActLocal’s awesome Electoral Resource Guide.