Stop the Tax Scam

  • Week of December 17, 2017
Though this week suggested that we are on the verge of a progressive tidal wave, the chumps in office right now are rushing to sign into law one of the most regressive tax bills in history. The reconciled bill would:

Remove the individual mandate from the ACA, leading to an estimated loss of coverage for 13 million; 
Eviscerate the social safety net and make the rich a lot richer; 
Explode the deficit;
Introduce tax cuts that would disappear after a few years for the middle class and stay forever for the rich. 

As one of our colleagues described it, the bill essentially says, “This year I am going to give you $20. So that within a few years years I can clean out your bank account and burn down your house with your children in it.”

Though it may seem like a done deal, it's not over til it’s over. Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) is still undecided and the vote is only winnable with the slimmest of margins. There's a coordinated effort to stop the bill from becoming law on Monday and Tuesday, in solidarity with coalitions of medical professionals, leaders of the Women’s March, and people like activist Ady Barkan who has ALS and depends on Medicare. Watch his video which has gone viral (get out the tissues).

All-of-us must be a part of this do-or-die moment.

Here’s how:
1. If you live in DC or NY and can show up on Monday or Tuesday (rides available from NYC) starting at noon until late, sign up here.

2. If you can't show up in DC, copy the text from this post and send as a message with three friends who are in zone today. You can also rsvp/share/recruit on Facebook.