Keep Riding the Blue Wave by Fighting Voter Suppression and Mobilizing Black Voters

  • Week of December 17, 2017
I think the writing is on the wall [of us] about what the path forward is for progressive politics in this country, and the path forward is through communities of color and women. - Adrianne Shropshire, Executive Director of BlackPAC

The morning of December 12 started with Roy Moore riding in on his horse to cast his vote. All-of-us were nervous but hopeful. The night ended with Alabama voters telling Moore exactly what they thought of him and the horse he rode in on. It was an historic victory for Democrats, but the real history lesson isn’t about Doug Jones, it’s all about who voted for him. While many progressive voters came through, the reason we won this fight was our turn out in the black belt. Jones won 98 percent of the votes among black women and 93 percent among black men.

Wall-of-Us asked you to support the NAACP’s efforts to get the black vote out, and you came through. And, as this Atlantic article explains, we weren’t alone.

The grassroots organizing in black communities by groups such as local NAACP chapters was more muscular than it had even been in the 2016 general election.

If we are going to win in 2018, we need to read the writing on the wall. All-of-us must stop ignoring this key voting block.

Here’s how:

1. Read this New York Times article and this Atlantic article to understand what happened in Alabama.

2. Celebrate our victory in Alabama and commit to volunteering and fundraising to support organizations that are fighting the suppression of black voters. Wall-of-Us will do the key research for you and feature these organizations regularly in 2018. We just need you to keep coming through, just like you did with your support of the NAACP in Alabama.