Keep Holding ‘Em

  • Week of December 31, 2017

In 2017 the deck was stacked against us, but we held on. We didn’t fold our cards. We definitely didn’t run.

Instead we doubled down on progressive candidates running for office. We won many hands--like Ralph Northam, Justin Fairfax, Danica Roem, Kathy Tran, and Doug Jones. These candidates won against all odds (Alabama!, Virginia!) and that’s because all-of-us knocked on doors, called, and donated. We stayed in the game.

But the dealing’s not done yet, and the jackpot awaits us in 2018.

That’s why our single 2018 New Year’s resolution, which we dedicate to you, is to keep betting on and supporting progressive candidates. We ask that you make the same commitment to help elect progressive candidates. To prepare, we’ve already built partnerships with dozens of groups, including the ACLU Voting Justice project, Let America Vote, Swing Left, Sister District, Flippable, Mobilize, and BallotReady. We will still be supporting causes, but in 2018 we commit to offering election-focused tools, resources, and actions each week.

This year all-of-us must put all our chips on blue. Are you ready to win big in 2018?

Here’s how:

  1. As you ring in the New Year, take a look at the ActLocal Voting Resources Guide to get an idea of what you can be doing today, tomorrow, and all of 2018 to elect progressives. Print out a copy and keep it handy, and tweet/share it.

  2. Check out the ActLocal resources page, which addresses topics ranging from how to put on a phonebank to what happened in 2016 to help you get educated and ready to support candidates.

  3. If you are running for office let us know how we can support you by emailing

  4. Share this action!