Get Congress to Boycott (or Girlcott!) Trump’s State of the Union

  • Week of January 21, 2018

The State of the Union is on January 30, and many lawmakers are already planning on boycotting (and girlcotting!) based on Trump’s (most recent) racist statements. The silence of empty seats at the SOTU will be deafening. 

And while that’s happening in Washington, let’s make sure we make our voices heard too. Join the U.S. Department of Arts and Culture’s fourth annual People State of the Union (PTOTU) national action. The People’s State of the Union has two main parts: Story Circles that take place across the nation between January 25 and February 4, and a collaboratively composed Poetic Address to the Nation. The USDAC offers toolkits and online training to support anyone hosting a Story Circle, bringing people together to share stories from their own experience. Stories are uploaded to an online portal where they can be shared and browsed. Then—inspired by these stories—an invited group of writers collaboratively composes the Poetic Address to the Nation, performed and broadcast live on April 15.

All-of-us must make sure our true stories of unity and love are louder than Trump’s false stories of division and hate.

Here’s how:

  1. Call your MoCs and ask them to boycott Trump’s SOTU address
  2. Sign the Color of Change petition telling lawmakers to boycott Trump’s SOTU address
  3. Take part in the People State of the Union and encourage others to take part too #PSOTU 2018

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