Celebrate What You Raised for the College Democrats!

  • Week of January 21, 2018

As part of our 2018 strategy to focus on winning elections and engaging key voter bases, last week we announced our exciting partnership with the College Democrats. In case you missed it, Millenials are the largest voter-eligible generation. For our first dance with them, we asked you to chip in to support the on-the-ground work of the Illinois College Democrats. All-of-us rocked it and we raised over $1800 and counting! #squadgoals #ItsLit!

All-of-us must keep this love for College Democrats flowing through November!

Here’s how:

  1. Let’s celebrate the collective support we were able to offer our progressive allies..$2K goes a long way for college students and we are psyched to see them stretch these dollars to ensure progressive victories.
  2. Share the action from last week on social media to keep it going.
  3. Then, make a commitment to support College Democrats the next time we promote them (which will be very soon!)