Wake Up and Protect DREAMers from This Nightmare

  • Week of January 28, 2018
We’ll keep this real short because the clock is ticking on the deportation of 120 DREAMers each day. Last week the Democrats voted in favor of funding the government until February 8th in exchange for funding children’s health insurance (CHIP) for six years. But after huffing and puffing for weeks about protecting DREAMers, the Democrats blew it-- other than a pinky promise from Mitch McConnell, they left DREAMers out of the deal. It’s time for round two--the government is only funded until February 8th and we need to sound the alarms for a clean DREAM Act.

All-of-us must rise up to stop this nightmare.

  1. Use this resource, from our allies at Indivisible, which includes scripts to call your Members of Congress and ask them to protect DREAMers. Before calling, don’t forget to use the interactive map (scroll down) to see statistics on DREAMers in your state.

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