Show Us Some Love this Valentine’s Day

  • Week of February 11, 2018
Love Comes Quietly
Robert Creeley, 1926 - 2005
Love comes quietly,
finally, drops
about me, on me,
in the old ways.
What did I know
thinking myself
able to go
alone all the way.

Loud Love, Soundgarden
There's no time to keep it low
I've been deaf now I want noise
You stay down
But I won't be quiet
I'll hammer on until you fight
Loud love
Loud love
Loud love
Loud love

We know we’re usually tough, but we’re warning you, we’re feeling a little mushy this Valentine’s week (some of you even got Valentine cards from us in the mail). Our love may have come quietly, but our collective voices are pretty loud now! As Dr. King said, “hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” It’s no secret, we admire our readers and doers, and we are grateful that we aren’t alone in fighting hate with love. All-of-us have a good thing going, and we love what we have built so far. But we’ve got a lot more building to do and we can’t go all the way alone. Will you be our Valentine and help us pump up the volume on our collective love as we approach the 2018 midterms?

Here’s how:

1 Donate to Wall-of-Us.

2 Can’t donate but feeling mushy too? Then write a poem about how you have fought hate with love and we will publish it during National Poetry Month in April. Send it to with the subject line Love Note.