Weaken Racist News Outlets by Stopping Their Ad Dollars

  • Week of January 1, 2017

Sleeping Giants has a simple goal--"We are trying to stop racist websites by stopping their ad dollars. Many companies don't even know it's happening. It's time to tell them." Putting pressure on advertisers has always been a winning activist strategy, but social media has made it so much more powerful. In just the past few weeks, Sleeping Giants has stopped over 350 brands from advertising on Breitbart because thousands of people (like us) have called these companies out on Facebook and Twitter. Many of these brands don’t even know what websites they’re supporting because online advertising is so opaque. 

Intended to make Sleeping Giants even more giant, AdStrike recently entered the scene. AdStrike created an automated platform that makes it, well, automatic, to call out brands (it literally takes seconds). 

All-of-us must tell companies to stop funding racist, sexist, and xenophopic brain-washing machines like Breitbart.

Here is how:

1. Go to AdStrike and click on their templates to call out brands one by one, or sign up for Buffer, and AdStrike will literally do the work for you.