Make Congress Propose “Bill of Love” to Protect DREAMers

  • Week of February 11, 2018

While we would love to tell you that things are dreamy with DACA this Valentine’s week, the haters are winning and the deadline (while murky what that means exactly) is March 5th. In January, Trump promised DREAMers a “bill of love”. Then he went to the far Right House and changed his mind and insisted on his wall. We could see an immigration bill being proposed as early as Monday, and many predict that Trump will sign whatever lands on his desk. We will update this post with details in response to what is actually proposed next week. For now, commit your hearts to fighting for DREAMers and to ensuring that the only wall Trump gets is a Wall-of-Us.

Here’s how:

1 Review this resource from our allies at Indivisible. We will update this with a detailed script when the immigration bill is introduced next week.