Celebrate the Victory You Made Happen in Florida!

  • Week of February 18, 2018

A few weeks ago, we asked you to show the Florida College Democrats some love to fuel their on-the-ground organizing efforts across 26 campuses in that key swing-able state. And love, you showed. In less than a week you sent them close to 2K -- twice their goal.

Your wise investment in Florida just paid dividends. On Tuesday night, Dems flipped a pivotal seat in the Florida House by electing Democrat Margaret Good. The margin of victory was 52% to 45%, a 12-point swing from Trump’s 5% margin in 2016. Analysts say that high Democratic turnout helped drive this decisive win.

Florida is a pivotal state in American politics. It is a demographically evolving swing state with the fourth largest electoral impact in the nation. Up and down the ballot, from state legislature to governor, all the way up to presidential elections, Florida has real chance to become a reliably Democratic state starting in 2020 -- which would in turn radically alter the Presidential map for decades to come.

We will be asking you to step up for the college Democrats in Texas very soon. For now, all-of-us should celebrate what we did to support the young Democratic heroes doing the real work in Florida.

Here’s how:

1 Check out these awesome photos of them in action! #adorbs

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