Support Resistance Artists

  • Week of January 1, 2017

Artists have always been the spirit of resistance movements, and they are essential to the “big, beautiful” wall-of-us that we are building. Thankfully, they will not be busy performing for Trump at his inauguration, but there is a growing movement of artists who will be performing against Trump all over the country. We must fuel that movement. One way is to support Watch Paint Dry, a grassroots call to action for all artists, including musicians, to livestream their resistance art between January 15th and January 21st. It’s as easy as logging into a social platform, going “live”, and tagging your stream with #watchpaintdry. 

Never underestimate the power of artists to change the world

All-of-us must support our resistance artists.

Here is how:

1. Share this Facebook page.

2. Ask all of your artist friends to take this pledge.

3. Take the pledge yourself. This movement is for anyone who wants to resist Trump through creative expression.