Thank You for Helping Florida’s Young Democrats Start Their Campus Blue Wave!

  • Week of March 4, 2018


"Never again can this generation of young activists remain silent. It is incumbent upon us to take the lead where others have failed. As students, we can no longer tolerate the inaction on common-sense gun reforms, and must take it upon ourselves to create the change we desire — by getting out the vote for Democrats who represent our values." - Kala Tedder, Chair Florida High School Democrats

Through our Vote for Your Life campaign last week, all-of-us raised exactly $5123.00 (and counting!) for Florida’s young Democrats to get the vote out on high school and college campuses across their key state! Thank you for your generous contributions. As promised, we will keep you up to date on this youth-led effort through this new page, Campus Blue Wave ‘18.

For this week, just check out our page and surf the wave of satisfaction for fueling this youth movement. Knowing these students, all-of-us will see a BLUEtsnami in Florida this November!