Help Black Futures Lab Amplify Black Voices and Build Power

  • Week of March 11, 2018

“If we’ve learned anything from this past election, it’s that Black folks drive the progressive political power in this country, but rarely benefit from the fruits of our labor. For too long, people have spoken for us and perpetuated false representations of the issues that drive our votes.”

-Alicia Garza, founder of Black Futures Lab and co-founder of Black Lives Matter

Black Futures Lab’s Black Census Project aims to set the record straight.

Black Lives Matter co-creator Alicia Garza launched the Black Futures Lab and the Black Census project to build and mobilize Black political power and push for policies that help strengthen Black communities. The Black Census Project will conduct the biggest national survey of Black people across class, disability, gender, geography, immigration status, and sexuality. The collected information will clarify the diversity of wants and needs that Black people imagine for our communities and be the first step in transforming Black communities into constituencies that build power in cities and states.

Starting in March, they will train 100 Black organizers across the country to knock on doors to reach those who are the hardest to reach. But first, @blackfutureslab has the goal of getting 200,000 Black people participating in the Black Census Project by August 1.

Let’s help them make that happen.

Here’s how:

1 Be heard! Fill out the census.

2 Get the word out! Share this post or share this tweet or just share this action.