Keep the State Seat Blue Wave Rollin’ in PA

  • Week of March 11, 2018

Three weeks ago, the Florida House seat won by Democrat Margaret Good was the 36th state seat to flip blue since Trump was elected -- and it won’t be the last. Next up, Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvanian Republicans are running scared from the blue wave that’s building momentum over Virginia, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Georgia, Texas, and all over this great land. More than half a dozen wimpy Republicans in the Philly area alone have opted to retire rather than face a strenuous campaign in 2018. Making matters even worse for them, last month the Pennsylvania Supreme Court voided the state’s congressional district map, deciding that its extreme Republican bias violated the state’s constitution (extreme bias that helped the GOP win 13 of the PA’s 18 congressional seats despite the number of registered Democrats exceeding that of registered Republicans). When PA’s Republican legislature and Democratic governor failed to agree upon one of several different redistricting proposals, the court chose one. Republican state lawmakers are now grasping for straws, threatening to impeach the five state justices who voted to strike down their crooked map. But if it stands, the newly-released map will likely mean some seats in the PA House of Representatives will turn blue.

Let’s make sure Helen Tai is one of the first. Tai is running for the Pennsylvania House in a special election on May 15. The daughter of immigrants, Helen is a business innovator and local public official who will fight for clean energy, LGBTQIA rights, gun safety, and stronger public schools. And Democrat Conor Lamb is running an extremely close race with a Trump-backed Republican in a Pennsylvania special election in just a few days on March 13. Although it’s a bit of a longer shot, let’s do what we can to help him.

We’re coming at you, PA.

Here’s how:

1 Remote phonebank for Conor Lamb until March 13.

2 Donate to Helen Tai’s campaign for the May 15 election.