Keep Protecting Our Immigrant Neighbors

  • Week of March 18, 2018

While our young activists march for their lives, other vulnerable communities in our country keep fighting to protect theirs. ICE agents continue to strike terror among undocumented communities around the country with their raiding and detaining. And Trump has further escalated the war on those who want to protect immigrants from these raids by announcing the DOJ’s (weak) lawsuit against California, a sanctuary state.

The need for legislative immigration reform remains urgent, as undocumented immigrants continue to wait in limbo. When Trump terminated the popular DACA program on September 5, 2017, he set a 6-month deadline of March 5, 2018 for its end. Because his lawyers bungled it, current DACA recipients can still renew their status. But new applications aren’t being accepted, and we still lack a permanent solution.

All-of-us must stay in the fight to condemn the raids and press for a permanent solution.

Here’s how:

1 Check this map from CIVIC to identify your nearest ICE deportation center. Send a message to your mayor or your city councilperson to ask about their immigration practices and to voice your opposition to practices that unnecessarily separate and traumatize parents and children. Here’s a script:

“Hi, my name is _____ and I’m a resident of _____.  I’m contacting you to ask your position about using taxpayer resources to support ICE raids on undocumented immigrants in connection with _[the name of your neaerest ICE center]_____ . What is your position?

I urge you to use your power to STOP inhumane and unjust ICE raids. I also demand that you commit to protecting places of worship, schools and hospitals by not apprehending people in or near these sensitive locations. Raids don’t make our communities any safer, and conducting operations directly outside such locations is a moral outrage and a violation of liberty.”  

2 Sign this petition to release from ICE custody Alejandra Pablos, a well-known leader and organizer and a vocal advocate for immigrant, LGBTQ, and reproductive rights. She is being held without bond and may not get to go before a judge until December.

3 Take action (call, petition, or donate) with United We Dream, a Dreamer-led group at the forefront for the fight for comprehensive immigration reform.