Time for Facebook to Face the Music

  • Week of March 25, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg is worried about the #deletefacebook movement. “You know, it’s not good.”

Yeah, Mark, and neither was your tepid and tardy response to the misuse of data belonging to 50 million users of the social network by Cambridge Analytica, a shady political voter profiling firm hired by the Trump campaign in an effort to interfere with our presidential election. Even Facebook’s own top executives are not impressed. Neither are investors. We expected more, especially given the knowledge that Russian trolls were actively using Facebook to spread disinformation campaigns all over your network.

If you had a dislike button, we’d used it. In any case, there may be an opportunity for Facebook to save face, if Zuckerberg agrees to talk to Congress.  All-of-us must ask Facebook to face up to why it (didn’t) protect our data -- and our democracy.

Here’s how:

1 Call your Senators and tell them to subpoena Mark Zuckerberg.

2 Change your Facebook settings to opt out of API sharing.