Watch the Campus Blue Wave Grow

  • Week of April 1, 2018

This week all-of-us must celebrate the Campus Blue Wave movement that we helped build. Here is an update, written by Florida College Democrats President Justin Atkins.

Thank you to Wall-of-Us for helping us launch the Campus Blue Wave. We’d like to give your subscribers an update on our progress and share these photos. In the last two weeks Florida’s College Democrats, High School Democrats, and Young Democrats have joined arm in arm with the National March for Our Lives March in Washington D.C. through satellite locations throughout Florida. Our members participated, organized, and spoke at marches in Tallahassee, Ocala, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Boca Raton, Orlando, Tampa, Lakeland, and Miami to show their dedication to avoiding another preventable tragedy. Our members want to stand up and change the laws that make possible the shootings that occur almost monthly. We continue to stand with those at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and the thousands of other students who say “enough is enough”. We are committed to changing the conversation on gun violence through consistent direct action targeting young voters around the state.

Our members have already been hard at work in their communities--at the March for Our Lives rallies, student walkouts, and other anti-gun violence events, to promote a foundation of change, and register young voters. This coincides with our primary goal of promoting higher youth voter turnouts. Overall our members have collected over 500 Voter Registration forms; an important indicator of increased voter awareness of the important issues that will be voted on in November.

To continue our activism and become an even stronger catalyst for change, our members will come together and work to become effective organizers and activists. On April 7, 2018, students and young people from all over Florida will come together at the University of Florida for the Campus Blue Wave 2018 training which will include:  organizing on campus and in our communities; youth voter outreach; Voter Registration; Get Out the Vote; and campaign strategies that incorporate a wide range of skills.
    • Voter Registration
    • Increasing Youth Voter Turnout
    • Campaign Strategies
    • Voter Targeting
    • Data Management
    • Field Operations

The Campus Blue Wave Initiative has secured the support of the following Elected Officials and Candidates who have pledged to support our efforts and engage young voters through their office and on the campaign trail:
    • Jeremy Ring, Former Florida State Senator and Current Candidate for Chief Financial Officer of Florida
    • Sean Shaw, State Representative and Current Candidate for Candidate for Attorney General of Florida
    • Ryan Rossi, Candidate for the Florida House of Representatives
    • Amol Jethwani, Candidate for the Florida House of Representatives
    • Andrew Dolberg, Candidate for the Florida House of Representatives
    • Phillip Levine, Candidate for Governor

This is just the beginning and we are committed to increasing our support, expanding our reach, and ensuring that the youth vote is heard in 2018.

The Blue Wave is coming…#OnEveryCampus #EnoughIsEnough #NeverAgain #VoteThemOUT


All-of-us must continue to support this youth movement! Please look here for future updates.