Help Virginia’s Senate and House of Delegates Turn Blue On January 10th

  • Week of January 8, 2017

There is a special election happening this Tuesday, January 10th for two seats in Virginia’s Senate and a seat in the House of Delegates. 

Why should all-of-us care?

Remember, this is a marathon and we need to support each Democrat running for every single open seat in the United States for the next four years.

State legislatures matter for many reasons, including redistricting. Republicans know all about the power of redistricting--that is why they control 32 of the 50 state legislatures. See all the red on this map? Well, don’t worry, all-of-us are going to change that, and Virginia is our first chance. 

Here are the deets: There are currently 2 vacant seats up for grabs in the Virginia Senate comprised of 18 Democrats and 20 Republicans. One race is basically a lock for the Democrat, but the other-District 22-is a tougher race. By flipping District 22 from Republican to Democrat, Ryant Washington could alter the balance of the Virginia Senate. 

The Virginia House of Delegates is also Republican controlled (65/34), and changing that will require great effort from Democrats over the next couple election cycles. We need to start working on it now. Cheryl Turpin is the Democratic candidate currently running for an open seat in the 85th District, which was just vacated by a Republican.

What can we do? The campaign managers for these two candidates worry that voters are fatigued and won’t vote. Special election turnout is also historically low. Democrats from all over the country have been stepping up and the campaigns are banking on volunteer phone bankers.

All-of-us must make sure that Virginia turns blue.

1. Volunteer for Ryant Washington, the Senate candidate. Here’s all the info to get started, including phone bank links and scripts.

2. Volunteer for Cheryl Turpin, the House of Delegates candidate. Here’s all the info to get started, including phone bank links and scripts.