Write a Letter to Your Editor to Prevent a Constitutional Crisis

  • Week of April 15, 2018

We need to use all of the tools in our activism toolkit to protect Mueller. One tool that we’d like to dust off (it’s been over a year) is the pen, which is mightier than the sword. We haven’t asked you to write to your local newspapers for a while. Thankfully, our friends at Lawyers for Good Government are on it and have prepared sample letters aimed at a targeted campaign to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

All-of-us must wield our mighty pens in support of our democracy.

Here’s how:

1 Fill out this form from Lawyers for Good Government and they will get back to you with a tool-kit to get you started.

2 Use these handy tools that Wall-of-Us prepared back in 2016 (we’ve been at this for a while!). Use this resource or this one to supplement your list of local papers to target.

3 If you’re haven’t already, subscribe to your local paper. Our local journalists need to be supported in order to provide independent coverage.