Flip A(nother) Seat, Flip A(nother) State

  • Week of April 15, 2018

One seat can make a world of difference. All-of-us, along with our friends at Flippable, helped Manka Dhingra win a seat in the Washington Senate in 2017, giving Democrats control of the entire state government. Now, the Evergreen State can pass the laws that its residents want and need.

Now let’s follow Flippable's leadership again, and seal the deal in the Empire State. As we told you a few weeks ago, Democrat Shelley Mayer is running for New York’s 37th State Senate District in a special election that is now just around the corner on April 24. Some details about the election have changed, but one fact remains -- if Shelley wins on April 24, Democrats will be on the verge of control of the Senate, and the entire New York State government.

All-of-us must keep pushing in this final stretch to help Shelley Mayer clinch the win.

Here’s how:

1 Sign up to volunteer for Shelley’s campaign, especially if you are in NY

2 Support Shelley Mayer