Study Up and Get Super Strategic for Primary Season

  • Week of May 20, 2018

The weather isn’t the only thing warming up these days; primary season is in full swing around the U.S.

Spring flowers poking up in our yards, and those intimidating-looking thick primary guides popping up in our mailbox. Anyone else slightly overwhelmed by the prospect of directionless wading through all that fine print?

All-of-us will head to the polls in November to elect thousands of public officials, including 6,066 state legislators, 435 United States Representatives, 33 United States Senators, 36 governors, and 162 other state executive officials. Before then, though, a series of primary elections will take place to determine parties' nominees for office -- and, more broadly, the direction that the parties will take moving forward.

2018 is a pivotal election, friends. Let’s devote a little extra time this year getting all the deets on our state primaries so we can be uber strategic and laser-focused come election time.

Here’s how:

1 Wait, what’s a primary anyway? Review the basics.

2 Check out this primary calendar created by the NYT that gives a simple visual timeline for all 2018 U.S. primaries and handy call-outs on some competitive / crucial match-ups.

3 Review the list of endorsed candidates from our friends at Flippable, and the list of endorsed candidates from our friends at Indivisible, to see if there are any super important elections in your state.

4 Finally, armed with all your notes and knowledge, read that thick intimidating primary guide you got in your mailbox.