Support the Texas College Democrats

  • Week of May 27, 2018

Listen up y’all because Breton Hawkins, the President of the Texas College Democrats, wants to share this message:

Texas, yes, even Texas, is getting prepared for the blue wave. Often forgotten by national Democrats, Texas will be at the forefront of our fight to take back Congress.  

For the first time in over two decades every single congressional race has a Democratic nominee. There are three Congressional Republicans in districts won by Hillary Clinton. If the wave hits hard enough Texas could be looking at the possibility of flipping 5 Republican seats. And did we mention getting rid of Ted Cruz? Beto O'Rourke, our nominee for U.S. Senate, has out raised Cruz in 2018, and has nearly completed a full road trip to all of Texas' 254 counties.

We have a full slate of candidates that are ready to take on the radical Republicans here in Texas, but none of this can happen without your help. Your contribution will help us turnout critical young voters that we need for this state to flip. Together we can turn Texas blue, and when Texas turns blue, Republicans will never recover.

Let’s make sure that the Republicans don’t mess with our plan to turn Texas blue.

Here’s how:

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