Educate Yourselves on Trump’s Plan To Defund Planned Parenthood

  • Week of May 27, 2018

On May 18th the Trump administration announced a proposal to cut $260 million in funding to reproductive services clinics if they give any advice about abortion options. And this isn’t the first time that Trump took aim at Planned Parenthood--last April Trump passed a law that cut off federal funding to clinics that perform abortions, including Planned Parenthood. Trump’s most recent proposal aims to revive Reagan-era attacks on abortion rights. The first step to fighting for our reproductive rights is understanding what’s at stake. Thankfully, law Professor Melissa Murray, an expert in family law and reproductive rights and justice, has broken down what we stand to lose. It could take months before the rule is finalized. For now, all-of-us must educate ourselves.

Here’s how:

Listen to this radio interview with Professor Melissa Murray.