Support Flippable to Elect Key Candidates

  • Week of July 16, 2018

Flippable’s mission going into the midterms is to elect candidates who will rebuild our government from the ground up by flipping 100 states seats blue in 2018. That sounds pretty darn good. How are they going to do it? We couldn’t say it better, so we’ll let them:

“We’ll target states with the worst records on gerrymandering and voter suppression — because those states have the biggest impact on our national elections. By supporting inspiring Democrats in strategic districts, we can flip the script on the GOP — and give the people a real voice in their government. Last year, our community fueled historic wins in Florida, Delaware, and Virginia. 2017 was our test run, so we’ve been spending the last several months getting feedback from our community and gleaning as many lessons as possible. From our candidates, we learned that early money is most effective, because it lets them hire great teams who can usher them to victory.”

These lazy days of summer will fade as quickly as our tans, and November will be here before we know it. So let’s throw Flippable’s candidates some early money now to get them on a head start to victory.

Here’s how:

Support Flippable’s candidates at